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Welcome to AlphaSense, an advanced technology company paving the way to the future. We are a team of like-minded and determined individuals, all sharing a vision for success. We believe that our sophisticated technology has the potential to become an industry sensation, to dramatically disrupt the marketplace and generate serious buzz. We set out to change the industry as we know it, and we are doing just that.Would you like to find out more? Explore our website today.



At AlphaSense, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead us towards a successful future. We strive to provide the most innovative solutions to solve real- world problems. Currently, our business is mainly focused on the following areas: 3D printing, resin development (castable resin, ceramic resin and metallic resin), novel circuit printing and pattern transfer method, 3D scanning (optical and X-ray) and non-destructive sensor development.


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