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AlphaSense ceramic resin was built upon our traditional regular and castable resin products. By loading the broad- band photocurable resin with proper amounts of fine ceramic powders and additives, we were able to generate a brand- new resin product for the fabrication of ceramic parts and components. The end products can either be jewelries, ceramic decors or industrial ceramic parts working in harsh, high-temperature and highly corrosive environments.


The resin is curable with commercial and DIY DLP/SLA/LCD 3D printers utilizing UV LEDs and arc lamp sources. Useful wavelength was up to ~420nm.


3D Ceramic Resin for SLA, LCD and DLP Printers

SKU: 217537123517253
    • Volume: 500ml
    • Applicable wavelength: 350 to 420 nm. Fully compatible with all SLA, LCD and DLP printers.
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