3D Printing Ceramic Resin


500 mL, ceramic 3D printing resin

Suitable for DLP, SLA and LCD 3D printers


    What you are purchasing is a ceramic 3D printing resin recently developed by AlphaSense. Such a resin was built upon our traditional regular and castable resin products. By loading the broad- band photocurable resin with proper amounts of fine ceramic powders and additives, we were able to generate a brand- new resin product for the fabrication of ceramic parts and components. The resin is curable with commercial and DIY DLP/SLA/LCD 3D printers utilizing UV LEDs and arc lamp sources. Useful wavelength was up to ~420nm.

    Different from traditional resins, the ceramic resin requires extra handling and prepartions:
    1. The build plate needs to be roughened using a relatively rough sand paper to enhance adhesion to the green part
    2. The resin needs to be fully mixed and agitated before using to ensure uniform ceramic powder concentrations among the layers
    3. Exposure conditions vary with different printers, and the user needs to fine tune those parameters based on his/her own printer. Using a DLP 3D printer with top-down build scheme, the printing parameters are 15 seconds for the first 5 layers and 12 seconds for subsequent layers, 3 seconds immersion in the resin and 2 seconds settlement at the liquid level.
    4. Washing with isopropyl alcohol and post drying is required to remove uncured resin from the print parts.
    5. Sintering duration for different parts need to be tuned. The sample sintering curve was for a model with 1" thickness measured from the thickest part. For sample with larger thickness, the duration for the resin removal/burn-out and sintering (i.e. 2- hour and 0.5 hour) at 350 and 1250 oC need to be proportionally increased to achive good quality sintered parts.
    6. Ceramic glaze materials can be subsequently applied to give your sintered parts a final touch, making it more artistic and vivid in color.

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