Field portable ACPD Sensor

Alternating Current Potential Drop Sensor


    Function: ACPD sensor measures material electrical conductivity using an AC stimulation current. Such a sensor can be used as an NDE/T tool to quantify actual case depths introduced in gears and shafts etc. after the carbonizing, nitriding and carbonitriding processes. Additionally, it can be used to detect and quantify cracks in various industrial components.


    Frequency range: 10 to 5 kHz,

    Probe configuration: 4 colinear plunger probes with a pin separation of 1.5 mm.

    Probe connection: 4 position P16 aviation circular connector

    Power: The sensor is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery. One charge allows continuous 5-7 days of field usage.

    Communication Method: USB 2.0



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