Laser Ultrasound Visualization Imager


A visualization tool to image surface, subsurface and deep defects in welded metal components and composites.


    Function: form 2D images and movie clips of ultrasound propagation within a region of interest (ROI). Defects inside the ROI, including voids, cracks, delaminations, material inhomogeneity etc. can be directly detected and visualized. As the ultrasound wavefronts encounter those defects, they will be back-scattered. Algorithm can be used to separate the defect- induced back scattering from the forward- propagating background. When mounted on a tripod, the LUV imager can be easily deployed in the field for defect detection and visualization.


    Laser wavelength and wattage: 1064nm, 50W pulsed fiber laser

    Laser delivery system: 2- axis galvanometer scanner with a maxium scanning speed of 2 m/s along each axis

    Ultrasound detection sensor: contact- type piezoelectric transducers (PZT)

    Ultrasound frequency: 500 kHz to 4 MHz

    Digital sampling rate: 200 Msps

    Number of ultrasound channels: 2 (default), 4 (upgraded version).


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