Light Beam Induced Current (LBIC) Mapping System


LBIC Mapping Tool



    Alphasense ’s fully integrated LBIC mapping system provides a fast and cost-effective solution to characterize the photoresponse of  
    photovoltaic cells. Based on the reconstructed image of photocurrent signals collected at different spots of a cell, the device uniformity can be 
    assessed and various manufacturing defects can be determined and identified.


    • Compact (20”×21”×26.5”) and light weight (~20lbs);
    • High measurement throughput (~0.1 second/point) for high speed, large-area solar cell inspection;
    • Excellent spatial resolution (~ 56 µm in normal mode and 30 µm with F-theta lens) for micro-sized defect detection;
    • Multiple laser excitation wavelengths available to inspect all commercial solar cells and devices under development.

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