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For  users with bottom-up LCD type resin printers, they often encounter build plate adhesion issues. The print models either fell into the vat and stuck to the FEP film, or they were detached from the build plate. AlphaSense's Power Bond was specifically developed to solve such adhesion issues. Such a priming solution is essentially one type of UV glue. By applying a very thin layer of priming solution on the build plate and subjecting it to UV illumination, one can obtain a solid cured layer to enhance adhesion between the 3D model and the build plate. The notion is that the bonding between similar materials /interfaces (i.e. the bond layer and photopolymer) are stronger compared to that between dissimilar interfaces (i.e. the photopolymer and the metal build plate).

Power Bond 3D Resin Printing Priming Solution

SKU: 366615376135191
    • Volume: 30 ml /1 Oz.
    • Applicable wavelength: 350 to 420 nm. Use the eye dropper to apply a few drops on the desired printing area. Spread the priming layer evenly using a spread stick or a name card. Expose the priming layer either use a UV lamp or sunlight. A few layers (i.e. 3-5) may be needed to achieve strong bond. 
    • In addition to the priming layer, the user needs to make sure that the build plate is leveled/calibrated, the plate surface was roughened using a P150 sand paper and thoroughly cleaned using isopropyl alcohol (70%).
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