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LITHO is a printer for quick circuit board printing and prototyping. It is a compact, self- contained and fully automatic printer with an embedded touch- screen computer. Using an innovative photopolymer developed by Beta Electronics USA (Wilmington, Delaware), a circuit pattern can be transferred to a copper- cladded FR-4 board within just a few seconds. After light exposure, the cured photopolymer is then used as an etching mask, and the whole circuit board is placed in a traditonal PCB etchant to reveal the circuit traces. The whole process allows one to fabricate a circuit up to 4" x 4"  within 15 minutes for just $2-3 dollars. Compared to other existing circuit board printers/prototyping machines which "draw" circuit traces using expensive silver pastes and printing nozzles, the LITHO printer enables a much cheaper and faster way for circuit printing. Additionally, small circuit features can be printed with very high resolution. Smallest feature and pitch separation can be as little as just 8 and 24 mils, respectively! Furthermore, LITHO is fully compatible with both rigid and flexible substrates (e.g. FR-4 and kapton films).


In order to make a 2- layer board, one can subsequently fabricate two pieces of a single-sided circuit, drill holes and use PCB rivets for interconnects. Various functional circuits have been successfully fabricated to drive fans, motors and collect data from sensors, etc. One of our customers even used the machine to fabricate the charging circuit for an electrical vehicle. The printer is a very powerful tool to be used by electrical engineers and electronics hobbyists for quick circuit prototyping and testing. Rather than waiting for 1-2 weeks and spending tens or even hundreds of dollars to fabricate a circuit through conventional PCB manufacturers, one can use the LITHO printer instead when and where he/she wants it. Therefore, using the PCB printer/prototyping machine can cause significant time and cost savings.


In addition to circuit manufacturing, the printer can also be used to transfer patterns onto various substrates (e.g. plastic and aluminum etc.) for many other applications (e.g. art). More details can be found at the youtube link.

Printed Circuit Board Prototyping Machine

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