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The new castable wax resin product has the following characteristics:

  1. Fast curing. No matter what type of printer you are using (i.e. DLP, SLA and LCD), a model can be fabricated with a very high speed of ~1-2 inches/hour. For users with a DLP printer, depending on the cross- sectional area of the model, each layer of ~100 micrometer thickness can be cured within 5 to 15 seconds. Users with LCD printers may need to use longer exposure time (e.g. 18 to 36 seconds). The resin has a relatively low viscosity, thus allowing one to use a shorter (1-2 seconds) of resin immersion and settling time;
  2. Smooth surface finish. Prints resulted from the new resin product have very smooth and waxy surfaces. The surface finish is generally too smooth to visually differentiate layer boundaries even if a relatively rough (i.e. 100 micron) step size/resolution was used. It should be noted that all the sample models were printed using a layer resolution of 100 micron for the capability demonstration. Even better surface finishes can be achieved if a higher layer resolution is used;
  3. Simple and cost effective cleaning. Uncured resin residues can be easily removed by rinsing the prints with warm water (i.e. <60 degree C) for 1-2 minutes. There is no need to use solvent or isopropyl alcohol, thus making it much simpler and more cost effective for residue removal;
  4. No post curing is needed. The cured 3D models are robust enough and there is no need for post curing. Therefore, our resin product can lead to further time and cost savings;
  5. Low odor. Our unique material selection makes the material very low odor, which is drastically different from the resins supplied by some other vendors.

Wax Castable Resin for Dental, Jewelry and Industrial Applications

SKU: 364215376135191
    • Volume: 500 ml
    • Applicable wavelength from 350 to 420nm. Compatible with all SLA, LCD and DLP resin printers.
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