AlphaSense developed  a wide spectrum of resin products for 3D printing applications, including the regular resin, castable resin, ceramic resin and printed circuit board printing ink. Under the sponsorship of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, AlphaSense demonstrated 3D metal printing based on our photocurable  3D printing resin products.


AlphaSense was among the first batch of players in the resin- based 3D printer and process development. Our first DLP resin- based 3D printer with a top- down build scheme was released and sold in 2014. After years' of improvement, the resin- based 3D printer can now be used for many practical applications, such as 3D jewelry, dental and industrial components printing and casting. Combining with our low-cost castable and ceramic 3D printing resin, our 3D printer allows users to fabricate those components quickly and cost- effectively.



Leveraging our extensive experience on robot programming, AlphaSense successfully integrated a 6 degree of freedom robot with conventional gas metal arc welding (GMAW) tool for quick and low cost metal part prototyping.



Our NDE sensor technologies include the following three major thrusts:

  • Microwave cavity resonance perturbation sensor;

  • Laser ultrasound visualization sensor,

  • Alternating current potential drop sensor.

The developed sensor tools have been applied to attack most challenging inspection tasks in the field. Examples include the  detection and quantification of sensitization in marine aluminum alloys, assessments of various specialty coatings applied on naval ships and aircraft, detecting and locating sub-surface voids, cracks, corrosion and wall thinning in nuclear reactors, and non-destructive evaluation of case depths in hardened helicopter gears.



We developed a high- resolution X-ray CT tool to reconstruct the 3D point clouds of armament pieces, so that outdated parts can be duplicated/reverse engineered.
Additionally, a structure-light based 3D scanner for quick surface reconstructions was implemented. The optical 3D scanner can be used in many application areas, spanning from structural non-destructive evaluation, paint inspection, reverse engineering, cosmetic surgery planning to forensic fingerprint and footprint analysis, just to name a few.



AlphaSense developed both bench-top and portable laser material processing tool for a wide variety of applications, spanning from laser marking, engraving, selective coating and corrosion product removal to MEMS device fabrication.


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